ATLANTIS TDC&L Faculty Mobility Grant

Do you want to enhance your academic career? Make a significant Atlantis Visiting Professor experience. Through EACEA and FIPSE funding you can apply for ATLANTIS Faculty grant for Mobility over the Atlantlic.

In order to internationalize and expand the curriculum at each university an ATLANTIS TDC&L Faculty mobility plan is also designed to support visits to/from Università di Messina, Universidad de Córdoba and Virginia Commonwealth University.

TDC&L Faculty members who plan to use the mobility grant to share teaching practices, evaluate past semester courses on curriculum and teaching issues are eligible to apply. TDC&L Faculty members who are invited to give a series of lectures at the hosting universities are eligible to apply.

ATLANTIS Faculty mobility grant cover only mobility, over the Atlantic, from European Universities to US ones and viceversa. Mobility inside Europe for EU Faculty member is not elegible for ATLANTIS grant. EU Faculty can apply for Erasmus Grant for EU mobility according to Erasmus conditions.

Atlantis Faculty grant consists of €1000 for travel contribution plus €1000 per week (accomodation, meals, tax, local transport, etc) with a minimum requirement of one week up to eight weeks.

TDC&L Faculty members have to apply for ATLANTIS grant at their home Institution, in details:

Università di Messina: please contact Prof. Dario Tomasello ( or Prof. Fabio Rossi (

Universidad de Córdoba: please contact Prof. Pedro Poyato (

Virginia Commonwealth University  - please contact Prof. Oliver Speck (

Atlantis TDC&L Faculty Mobility Grant - Application Form