Alcantara Project:
Ecological Water Quality Assessment of the
Alcantara, James and Guadalfeo Rivers
using Bioindicators
University of Messina - April 18- 26, 2010

Research Project Activitiy Attendees at University of Messina:
Virginia Commonwealth University (USA): Prof. Don Young, Prof. Len Smock and 3 VCU researchers
University of Cordova (Spain) - Prof. Maria Jose Polo and 4 UCO researchers
University of Messina (Italy) - Prof. Letterio Guglielmo and 14 UNIME researchers/students
Alcantara Park - Staff


Photo: Prof. Len Smock (Virginia Commonwealth University), Prof. Giuseppe Castellana (Parco Fluviale dell' Alcantara Commissioner) and Prof. Letterio Guglielmo (University of Messina) during Parco Fluviale dell'Alcantara welcome event April 18, 2010.

Photo: Virginia Commonwealth University researcher

Photo: University of Cordova researchers

Photo: University of Messina researcher