The Laboratory for Territorial Analysis, Economics and Planning of the Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies produces objective information, analyses, reports and plans for local, regional and national governments, as well as non-profit organizations and businesses. The rapid economic, social and political changes in the Mediterranean Basin and in the global economy generally require responses in both theoretical and applied research that clarifies policy solutions and planning opportunities.This is particularly true in regions that are suffering from economic dislocation due to the growing globalization of production and trade.  The principal scope of the Laboratory is therefore to bring together the experiences and competence of researchers and professors in economics, other social sciences, and in planning at the Universities of Messina and Cordoba and Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as other universities, to identify theoretical and applied solutions appropriate to these challenges.

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Urban Planning Research Paper: "Politics and culture in commercial district revitalisation policy: Comparing
the American and Italian approaches"


Virginia Commonwealth University Visiting Professor at University of Messina

In July 2012 Prof. John Accordino, from partner Virginia Commonwealth University, introduced the work "Opportunità di rilancio economico per Giampilieri Superiore".




Urban Planning Study: Giampilieri