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Transatlantic Degree Cinema and Language (TDC&L)

The University of Messina, Italy, the Universidad de Córdoba, Spain and the Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia, USA, founding members of the Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies (CIMS), have established a Transatlantic Degree in Cinema and Language (TDC&L) in cinema studies that explores issues of identity, globalization and intercultural relations.

The Transatlantic Degree Cinema and Language is a dual degree organized by the three University partner.

The program started in September 2010. Each fall, a group of six EU students (3 from UNIME, 3 from UCO) and six US students (VCU), begin a two-year graduate program (120 ECTS). During each study period, students complete an internship at Filmoteca de Andalucia, the Taormina Film Festival and the French Film Festival.

Course content includes film and media theory, history and analysis, national cinematic traditions, and the dynamics of cultural imagery with specific reference to language and the built environment. Classroom instruction is enhanced by independent research and experiential learning through local film events at each University.

The project aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop the crucial analytical and communication skills, knowledge base and international experiences needed to pursue a career in the global marketplace.


November 5, 2010 - Richmond Times-Dispatch press release

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TDC&L Action is financed by European Union and FIPSE