Another important CIMS mobility plan is based on School of Nursing students and faculty exchange program.

During July 2011 four University of Cordova students visited the Critical Care Unit, the Transplant of hospitalization, nursing "Daily Planet" and "Crossover" as well as community centers "Mosby Resource". One of the most interesting was that experienced in the laboratory simulation of the School of Nursing. Also attended several seminars on comprehensive assessment of the patient.

Photo: UCO students at Virginia Commonwealth University (July 2011)

In parallel, intensive contact with professionals, students and professors at VCU facilitated the students' immersion in American culture and increased and improved their use of English.

In short, it reached its objectives in this project and can be summarized as:

1. Participate and have direct experience of clinical sessions in the laboratory simulations (multidisciplinary).

2. Direct observation of professional practice of nursing in real environments (with a tutor assigned).

3. Join the discussion sessions on the role of nurses in American health care system, as well as academic standards (BS, MS, and PhD).

4. Having discussions practiced integrated observations, experience in laboratories, etc..

5. To introduce the UCO students of Nursing on knowledge of the education and health care in America. Concerning worldwide in the area of ??nursing.

6. Improve learning skills for multidisciplinary work (difficult in the Spanish environment).

7. Improve clinical skills for the general care of the nursing students of UCO.

8. Boosting Spanish-English bilingualism in nursing studies at the UCO, which will open new career opportunities.

This project will benefit from continuity, have already been selected for students and faculty who will return to Richmond  in July 2012. In addition to performing the same activities, is expected to open new avenues of academic collaboration focused on exchange of teachers, participation in graduate programs (Masters and Doctorate), increase the experience in clinical practice, etc..