The school of Nursing of University of Córdoba is pleased to host Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing students in May 2012 after the great succes of July 2011 program.

This exchange is part of a larger project that aims to strengthen ties between the two universities to facilitate student mobility and is based on the active participation of students.

As the cornerstone of the visit of U.S. students is to know our health system and, in particular, primary care. In order to be cohesive group and have known each other since last April beginning contacts between the two groups through Skype. In addition a series of documents (bibliography, photographs, etc..) were sent to support  VCU students  to go training on our health system and how to organize it. Cordoba Students collaborate in the translation.

These activities aim to facilitate adaptation to the new field of clinical internships in a bidirectional way (remember that these students then receive our students during the summer), for closer partnerships between the universities and ultimately allow us to offer our students a more complete and comprehensive training (other lifestyles, ways of understanding health, practical use of a new language, etc..), where cultural exchanges become a cornerstone of learning.