Transatlantic Degree Cinema and Language (TDC&L) - A.A. 2012/13 - 2013/14

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ATLANTIS III cohort European students attend their I year at European Universities:

Universidad de Cordoba

Rectorado - October 19, 2012 - 9.30 am

Atlantis Welcome Day

Photo: Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) - Atlantis Welecome Day for UCO, University of Messina and Virginia Commonwealth University students - Oct. 19, 2012

I semester at Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) - 15 October 2012 - 28 February 2013

UCOIDIOMAS calendar - Italian- Spanish and English courses

During UCO semester Atlantis students will attend Virginia Commonwealth University visiting professor seminars from November 26 to December 19:

Prof. Oliver Speck - The Cinema of Werner Herzog

Prof. Margaret Orzierski - Film Noir

The VCU Faculty will organise orinetation day for Atlantis III students to support and orientate them with registration procedures and be ready to attend their second year at Virginia Commonwealth University.

During UCO semester Atlantis students will attend stage activities at Filmoteca de Andalucia

For UNIME students:

Spanish Intensive Pre-orientation Language and Culture: CLAM - Via L. Manara - Università of Messina

starting date:Tuesday, Sept 25, 2012 - 9:00am -  October 11, 2012

Classes take place from Monday to Friday.

University of Messina

II semester - March 4 - July  31, 2013


Cognitive Department - Aula Magna

Monday, March 4 - 11.00 am

University of Messina - Cognitive Department - Via Concezione n. 6. Messina

All Atlantis students have to attend all front lectures UNIME TDC&L calendar (final version).

Intensive English Course - May 2013 -
CLAM Via L. Manara, 54

13 lun



15 mer



18 sab



21 mart



22 mer



23 giov



Intensive Italian Courses  - CLAM Via L. Manara, 54.

May 2 - 24, 2013 - from Monday to Friday - 9.00 -12.00


Note: Please be aware after attending UNIME TDC&L calendar lessons  all ATLANTIS students have to pass all TDC&L UNIME test/ oral and written exams within July 22/25, 2013.

Degree Final Exam/Defend thesis - Day TBD within July 22-31, 2013

Prof. Rossi  - Italian Language

Prof. Rossi - Cinema Translation

Dr. Cervini - History of Cinema

During UNIME semester students will attend the following seminars (please keep posted for room location):

Universidad de Córdoba Visiting Professor Pedro Poyato:

"El cine de Almodóvar"

UNIME -  March 4 - 10,  2013

Photo: Prof. Pedro Poyado (University of Cordoba)

Virginia Commonwealth University Visiting Professor Bernardo Picichè

"Film Adaptation as Translation from Literature"

May 27 to June 14, 2013

(Boccaccio - Adapted by Pasolini)
The House by the Medlar Tree
(Verga - adapted by Visconti),
(Saba - adapted by Samperi),
Short Stories for One Year
(Pirandello - adapted by Taviani brothers)
The Conformist
(Moravia - adapted by Bertolucci)
Christ Stopped at Eboli
(Levi - Adapted by Rosi),  
The Leopard
(Tomasi - adapted by Visconti),

Death in Venice (Mann - adapted by Visconti)


Photo: Atlantis VCU, UCO and UNIME students with Prof. Bernardo Picichè (Virginia Commonwealth University visiting professor), Prof. Fabio Rossi (UNIME) and Dr. Patrizia Marcella Scalisi - CIMS Villa Pace (May 27, 2013)

April 8-9, 2013 Seminar: Dr. Mario Sesti - Taormina Film Festival Artistic Director - Terence Malik


Taormina Film Festival  - June 15 - 22, 2013

Photo: Atlantis UNIME, UCO and VCU students with Virginia Commonwealth Universitity Visiting professors Prof. Bernardo Picichè and Prof. Oliver Speck at Taormina Film Festival. (June 15, 2013)

New: Please visit Virginia Commonwealth University Atlantis web section.

ATLANTIS III cohort US students attend I year at Virginia Commonwealth University the whole academic year. More info

Atlantis UCO II (II year) and VCU III cohorts students will attend stage activities:

French Film Festival

Richmond - March 21-24, 2013




TDC&L Action is financed by European Union and FIPSE