Up to 2012 CIMS partnership has cooperated successfully with extra-mural funds High Education and Research Programs (International, European, National and regional funds) with the mobility of 520 students, 212 faculties and 31, staff  from University of Messina, Universidad de Córdoba and Virginia Commonwealth University in multidisciplinary field: Medicine, Neuroanatomy, Life Sciences, Nursery, Urban Planning, English, Italian and Spanish Language Courses, Humanities, Enviroment and Marine Biology, Political Sciences, Informatics, Cinema and Sport since 2004.

Besides the long lasting Medicine, Humanities, Ecology and Urban Planning programs, through the CIMS wide disciplinary umbrella, new upcoming 2013 programs will be added such as new Medicine specializations, Islamic and Mediterranean Studies, Dance and Sport.

Please keep posted on Activities - Student Mobility - Summer Schools 2013:

IV Neuroanatomy Winter School: Messaggeri della Conoscenza 2013

Spanish Language, Culture and Service Learning 2013

VCU English Language Program 2013

Cinema and Dance in Sicily 2013

Cities and Mythology in the Mediterranean 2013

VCU UNIME Medicine Exchange Program 2013

UCO UNIME Medicine Exchange Program 2013