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CIMS is pleased to announce the 7th edition of University of Messina (UNIME) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Elective Medicine Exchange Program.This is one of the longest and more prestigious student mobility activities within this partnership.

I session at University of Messina

VCU Elective Medicine Students  attend UNIME rotation at University of Messina - Policlinico G. Martino" from March 17 to April 12, 2013.

Jeremy Epstein - Anesthesiology

Matthew Kirk - Internal Medicine

David Kowalczyk - Urology

Photo:Jeremy Epstein, Matthew Kirk, David Kowalczyk  from Virginia Commonwealth University at University of Messina - AOU G. Martino Universitary Hospital.



University of Messina - CIMS Grant Funding Opportunity Announcement

The Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies offers 10 (ten) grants for one month mobility period at Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Medical Center for ten UNIME medicine students.

UNIME Student Call - Bando

How to apply:

The best UNIME medicine students has to apply for the Elective Medicine Programme Exchange UNIME/VCU VII grant selection delivering to Corso di Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia Coodinator at UNIME Dipartimento di Medicina Clinica e Sperimentale the following documents:

- Application Letter for the Elective Medicine Programme Exchange UNIME/VCU VII grant selection with personal data including mobile phone and email address

- Copy of identity card and/or copy of passport.

- CV

- UNIME Transcripts with all exams done with marks

Process selection:

The grants will be assigned to the first ten best selected students according to:

- average of the marks obtained for the same number of exams

- English Interview to test the foreign language proficiency


The one month stage will take place during the following sessions:

Sept 27 - Oct 26, 2013 - VCU Medical Center:


Photo: 5 UNIME students attending VCU Medical Center with Prof. Christopher Woleben (VCU) - Richmond, Oct 25, 2013.


Tessitore Agostino - Diagnostic Radiology

Parisi Gennaro - Orthopedic Surgery

Brigandì Amelia - Cardiology

Cilla Marta - Endocrinology


Oct 28 - Nov 26, 2013 - VCU Medical Center:

VI Edition - 2012 info